Fly fishing tour

Mongolia is one of the most unique fly fishing destinations in the world.

Taimen, the biggest salmon in the world, is the top predator of all trout species. When they jump up from the surface catching the fly, it makes you mindful of the moment. Taimen is a real indicator fish to measure the cleanliness of the river, so get ready to fish in pristine wilderness.

Horse Trekking

Mongolia has everything a horse lover could dream of…endless miles of untrampled terrain, nomadic encampments deep in the wilderness, and some of the world’s last remaining wild horse herds roaming the horizon.

In horse crazy Mongolia you can experience a tradition going back thousands of years ago. Because horses are indispensable to Mongolian culture, it gives an authentic feeling to ride free like the wind on the steppe.

We drive into the steppes to watch the different herds of Harganat River Lodge and learn about their behaviour in the wild. You learn about Mongolian riding ways and experience what it is like to ride in a landscape without borders, under a vast blue sky. We train the riding horses from a young age, selected from a group of around 100 horses.

Tsaatan Reindeer herders Tour

The Tsaatan Reindeer Herders are a unique ethnicity, related to the Tuva of Western Siberia. They live in the wild taiga in the far north of Hovsgol province, bordering the Sayan mountains. They live closely with their reindeer, the biggest in the world and they ride them! Feel a bit like entering the land of Santa Claus and find some beautiful souvenirs made by this ancient tribe.

Nomadic Mongolia Classic tour

First time or not much time in Mongolia, this tour gives you a nomadic welcome you will never forget! The center of the country is dotted with historic highlights of the life of Chinggis Khan, the famous definer of Mongolia and first of a long list of khans, throughout Asia. Moreover you will be attuned to the nomadic lifestyle, witnessing the locals daily life on the road. Don't forget the amazing natural wonders like hot springs, an easy to walk on volcano, lakes to swim in and many many animals, domestic or wild, we will meet on the way. The dream comes your way, if you take the first step to connect!

Grand tour South to North

The most complete combination of very different landscapes from the southern Gobi half desert with its stunning rock formations up North to the forested Hovsgol Lake. In a time period of around 3 weeks you wil step in the footsteps of the real Indiana Jones, unearthing dinosaur remains while spotting wild camels or even antilopes. Through the core of the ancient Mongolian empire in the Orkhon valley, we visit monasteries, a waterfall, hot springs, an old volcano to arrive at the pure and ancient sister of the Baikal lake end destination before flying back to UB.