Located on the steppes of the northern province of Hovsgol with its big rivers, forested mountains and alpine flowers - we are uniquely open all year round!

Although summer is most popular among visitors due to the warm weather from mid-June through August, every season has it own special quality, beautiful and worth experiencing, but always in a comfortable way.

When coming to Mongolia, be prepared for all kinds of weather, even in summer a scorching hot day with a cooling steppe breeze can turn into rain storms and cooler evenings.


Tsagaan Sar or white month, at the end of February, brings the Mongolian New Year and the beginning of springtime babytime.


With warm temperatures till over 30°C, since the creation of the Mongolian state, everywhere in the country festivals are held called Naadam.

Harganat River Lodge organises mid of July day trips to the big Naadam festival in Murun city and a smaller local one in the steppe a bit further northwards towards Ergelt Salt lake with a closer contact to the contesters.


After the heat of summer, the night temperatures slowly start to decline mid of September. This results in a colourful spectacle of yellowing leaves, especially by the rivers lined with trees.


The extreme cold winter of Mongolia seems an exciting challenge to people all over the world. Generally the weather is sunny and dry which makes it easier to bear when dressed well.

We provide warm gers with floor heating and a rocket stove wood fire. In the dome you’ll find warm showers and a sauna. The restaurant has a coffee corner with warm drinks and pastry. Warm soup and other strengthening meals are on the menu with gluhwein or a shot of vodka to digest the cold.