From running free under a vast blue sky on a green carpet without borders, biking on earth roads while the scent of wild flowers fills the air, hiking up in the mountains rich in fauna and flora, with eagles or vultures hovering above, the possibility of seeing marmots, gerbils, foxes and wolves howling in the background at night, to relaxing by the river, meditating on the course of life or follow the waterways on foot or by horse looking at waterbirds flying over.

River Bassin

From Harganat River Lodge you can walk southwards towards the Delger Murun river bassin and follow its forested course. In summer you can swim in the river, sunbathe and find shade under the bushes.

Holy Mountains

On the north side are the Holy Mountains with their beautiful granite rock formations, wildlife and alpine flowers.

From Harganat River Lodge you can hike in 3 hours to the highest peak to be rewarded with an amazing panoramic view. You can see Murun city and even further around 50 kms distance.

For a shorter walk and introduction to this magnificent mountain range we advise a half hour hike to the vulture nest on a smaller mountain, behind a bronze age grave dug open by grave robbers in previous years.

Secret Garden

Following the river a short walk to the west brings visitors to a small green paradise garden next to overhanging cliffs of the mountain range Xar Uzuur bordering the Delger Murun river, where birds like owls nest and eagles fly high.

Climb the mountain to the top to have a panoramic view over green meadows till the city of Burentogtog lying up river.

Sand Mountain

Fun for adults and kids!

Walking up the mountain every footstep might feel heavy as a stone, but running down is easy and makes you feel like a giant. From the mountain top you are treated to a fantastic view over the river valley till the city of Burentogtog. Dip your feet in the river to refresh afterwards.

We organise day tours by horse or bike to the Sand Mountain with lunchbreak included.