Our story

In the summer of 2010 while making a journey with friends through Mongolia, Belgian born art historian and painter Katrien Elsen met Baterdene Bayarmagnai, on the way back from Murun to Ulaanbaatar. Out of this encounter ripened the seed for refurbishing Harganat ger camp started by Baterdene in 2007 on a sandbank overlooking the stunning Delger Murun river valley.


Our sceptic tanks, still a rarity in Mongolia, clean 90 percent of the waste water.

The restaurant’s green leftovers go to chickens and compost.

A percentage of the profit goes to the local community.

School children of the cities Murun and Burentogtog are invited to participate in half day workshops about river wildlife and conservation.


Since the creation of Harganat River Lodge, next to professional local workers, we opted to work with volunteers from all over the world, as an exchange between very different cultures. It enriched the building process a great deal, hearing different thoughts and ideas.

In return volunteers experienced wild and free Mongolia surrounded by a group of fellow travellers in search of answers to the questions of life, that were highly discussed by evening campfires under a billions of stars, sharing a glass of spirit.