Fly fishing is the environmental friendly way of fishing in order to protect endangered fish species, like the world’s biggest salmon, taimen, protected by Mongolian law.

The bait on only one hook is made of handmade flies, based on the natural ones that roam the riverside from Spring till Autumn. Depending on the season and place, a good fly fisher knows which kind of fly a sort of fish eats. Equipped with a long line, the cast is in the direction one thinks the fish are hiding, in order to catch and release them after. Many competitions are organised for the longest and best casts. The fine technique of throwing the line makes this kind of fishing the most sportive one. It is the dream of many fly fishers to catch the taimen, that lives in these rivers, together with lennock trout, greyling, pike and perch.

Once they were regarded as river spirits, so traditionally Mongolians didn’t catch or eat fish. Only outcasts used them as a food source. Since then, times have changed and now fly fishing is getting more popular as a fun and relaxing way to spend time outdoors around one of the purest river basins on this planet. Hovsgol is known for its big water streams of which some flow into the famous crystal clear Hovsgol Lake, known to Mongolians as dalai eej or ocean mother. The lake contains half a percent of the world’s fresh water reserve and is the smaller sister of the huge Baikal Lake in Buryatia, Russia.

Harganat River Lodge offers, together with the first fly fishing store in Mongolia Uran Uurgach, fly fishing packages with casting instruction and rent of materials included, like rods, waders and waterproof boots. Flyfishing guides and boats can bring you to the best fly fishing spots in the area. Try-out lessons are also available.