Activating magic moments

In an area diverse in landscapes, river valley over steppe to mountain range, an extensive variety of activities is available. This timeless space is where the magic takes place. Something for everyone and the lack of a hectic time schedule to make it happen!

Horse riding

Because horses are indispensable to Mongolian culture, it gives an authentic feeling to ride free like the wind on the steppe.

Harganat Ecolodge has a special horse riding program when you wish to engage in a ride in this horse-crazy country. First, you get an introduction to the horse language and the do’s and do not’s when you start riding a Mongolian horse. Mongolians ride with one hand while standing. Especially for long distances, it gives more stability.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is an environmentally friendly way of fishing in order to protect endangered fish species, like the world’s biggest salmon, taimen, protected by Mongolian law.


From running free under a vast blue sky on a green carpet without borders, biking on earth roads while the scent of wildflowers fills the air, hiking up in the mountains rich in fauna and flora, with eagles or vultures hovering above, the possibility of seeing marmots, gerbils, foxes and wolves howling in the background at night, to relaxing by the river, meditating on the course of life or follow the waterways on foot or by horse looking at waterbirds flying over.


We have new Trek,Cannondale and LG mountain bikes available for biking in the steppes, with repair kits.

One track goes North around the Holy Mountains towards the world-famous Deer Stones site at the beginning of the Mountain range and follows the electricity line on the main road straight back to come back to Harganat Ecolodge.


Centuries ago every woman and man learned to shoot from a young age, to defend themselves. We have some handmade bows and arrows available designed for adults and children to try out on a cowhide.