The open landscape of the steppes, interrupted by mountains, with generally sunny and dry weather, means that one can see far very clearly. It is an ideal place for taking sharp long distance photographs of the wildlife and the rugged landscape.

Many rivers basins in other countries were altered for human habitation. In Mongolia, especially Hovsgol province, rich in water reserves, they lie in their original state, fiercely flowing and creating a landscape symphony together with the mountains.

The enormous sky is like no where else. From the brightest blue on the many sunny days to the slowly approaching dramatic thunderstorms with dark blue skies which break out in winds of fury. Suddenly clouds break open and find rest again with an ethereal beam of light slipping through, like a divine sign from the heavens. Spectacular sunsets can be witnessed full of color and with a high transparency.

This country feels like going back into a time without paved roads. Only recently they made asphalt motorways connecting the major cities of the country with the capital. With a population of around 3 million people, half living in the capital Ulaanbaatar, it feels like one of the last free places on Earth in our world. Millions of animals are being herded by the nomads, far exceeding the number of inhabitants.