Holy Mountains - 1 km
At the beginning there was a blue-grey wolf, born with his destiny ordained by Heaven Above. His wife was a fallow doe. (from Secret History of the Mongols)
Deerstones heritage site- 10 km
Bronze age stones - Deer rising up to the sun - The distance between heaven and earth is not greater then one thought
Hovsgol Lake National Parc- 100 km
Ancient Mother Lake or Dalai Eej - Refresh into the Blue Pearl of the North - If mind is clean, fate is good

A Compass points to the North

Sain uu, Are you doing well ?

Lying on a sandbank overlooking the panoramic Delger Murun River valley, Harganat River Lodge, is an escape of a hectic lifestyle into the tranquility of pristine nature.

Let it be the start of the discovery of the forested and mountainous steppes in the North of Mongolia, or let it simply be your haven of peace.


The Lodge

Sleep in a ger

Upon your arrival at Harganat, you are welcomed into your own ger where a comfortable bed and a cozy interior await you after your long trip. A ger or yurt is the famous house- tent of the nomads, an ancient ingenious structure with at the center the holy fire.

Start the day with a breakfast buffet including homemade yoghurt straight from the steppe or mountain berry jam. For lunch & dinner exert your taste buds with an exquisite Mongolian cuisine based on local ingredients and fresh veggies from the greenhouse. Watch a myriad of animals grazing by the river and a panoramic view over the valley from our terrace with a Belgian waffle in your hand.

The round curves of the dome remind us of the ger or yurt. It forms the wellness center of the lodge and has next to an outside swimming pool a sauna to relax after a long hike or other adventure. The room upstairs is used for yoga classes and meetings. You can imagine being on the moon, whilst seeing the structure like from outer space.


Tours throughout the country are organized by founder Bat-erdene who knows the land like the back of his pocket. Harganat River Lodge is honored to be one of the stops on your dream journey in the land of the blue sky. A classic ride, an archaeological, natural or spiritual inspired. Let us make your wishes come true!
Visit the area
Located next to the Holy Mountains with its many bronze age graves and Deer Stones heritage site at its edge, we like to engage in spiritual journeys to find your soul’s purpose in the labyrinth called life. Visit the monument of Mongolian freedom fighter Chingunjav and the ruins of the city of Munkh Khan while exploring wildlife and search our horse groups on the way. Visit the healing waters of Xiad Rashaan or drive all the way to Hovsgol Lake NP, the touristic hot spot of the North.
Go Fly fishing
It is the dream of many fly fishers to catch the taimen, world’s biggest salmon, that thrives in the Delger Murun and affluent rivers. This environmental way of fishing, through catch and release, is the most sportive and meditative one with a special technique of throwing the line and making the bate or fly based on the biology of the river. We offer fly fishing packages with casting instruction and rent of materials included. Fly fishing guides and boats can bring you to the best spots in the area. Do a try- out at the lodge’s river and be hooked!
Hike & Bike
Down the slope of the sandbank try not to step on the thousands of edelweiss in the lush green river valley full of little summer frogs. Climb up the beautiful granite rock formations of the Holy Mountain range and try to spot the vulture's nest halfway to the top while listening to high marmot's sounds. The best view comes after the hardest climb so take your camera and look out for the city of Murun. The dry climate makes you see far in the distance and take razor sharp pictures. Bike, hike or ride to the Secret Garden, a secluded green spot next to high cliffs where owls and eagles have their nests or further up to the sand mountain and feel like a giant plunging down in the sand. Who has the most luck to be startled by the sight of a wolf, the legendary ancestor of the Mongols?
Ride a horse
Wake up to the sound of horses grazing next to your yurt. Mongolia is horse crazy and Harganat even more… We drive off to see the herds in the wild and learn about their behaviour. After an introduction into the Mongolian way of riding and the experience of riding free on the steppe, there comes this feeling of inner contentment as if something touched your soul. Horse riding teaches us how to be clear and honest with ourselves, because the horse follows the leader in whom he puts his trust. Ride the spirit horse !
Indulge in Wellness
Being a wellness retreat during high season, we offer yoga and meditation classes. Full programs including coaching and massage are offered as well. Our professional coaches and trainers can provide a full program for you, from simple detox and relaxation to total transformation. Wellness meets adventure! See calendar for booking summer retreats.


Fantastic place to stay! Lovely staff, good food, everything is well arranged. The perfect place to escape and to discover Mongolia's beautiful landscape. I would definitely recommend staying at this lodge.
Sophie Nieuwbourg
I am not sure what I hoped to find when I first went to Harganat and Mongolia – but my time there brought more than I did ever expect. Situated at the ridge of a steep sandbank, Harganat, to the south, overlooks wetlands and a river system. To the north, the camp faces holy mountains – and kilometer upon kilometer of open steppes. Nowhere else have I experienced the freedom I felt crossing these rivers, mountains, wetlands, and steppes on horseback – under a rising sun or millions of blinking stars. Thinking of Harganat brings vivid recollections to my mind: the muscles of the stallion when leading his mares to water, the sound of laughter and feeling of comradeship around the bonfire, the taste of salty tea and airag in one of the neighbor's ger (yurt) and the smell of thyme after rain on the steppes. And something quivers in my heart when recalling these memories. For Mongolia is the land of the blue sky – but also that of the great feelings. It is as if the events there are experienced with more presence, and if the feelings there are felt with more strength. As if the country itself sharpens the body’s senses. Never since I last left Harganat have I re-felt the pureness, rawness, and realness I experienced during my summers there. But I will feel them again – for I will return.
Henninge Torp Bie
We had an amazing stay at the lodge. The environment is magnificent, as well as the food and the accommodation. Would definitely recommend this place for a calm, sustainable and adventurous getaway.
Sarie Robijt

New ViaVia Mongolia! Opening Ceremony 24th of June 2023! Welcome!

ViaVia's are meeting places for world travellers. They are intersections between East and West, North and South. A world wide community based on unity in diversity. Join us for the opening of the new ViaVia Mongolia in Harganat this summer with special activities like mounted bow shooting, horsemen skill show, Naadam (wrestling, archery and horse race), long song and throat singing concerts.

Feel it, see it, live it!