Since the creation of Harganat River Lodge, next to professional local workers, we opted to work with volunteers from all over the world, as an exchange between very different cultures. It enriched the building process a great deal, hearing different thoughts and ideas.

In this way we are thankful to Claire Keravel, who just graduated as architect, who drew the plan of the geodesic dome that came into use as shower house. Our thanks go also out to Martin, who made the floor in the restaurant amongst other natural woodwork. John Torres made the first promotion pictures and Sebastian Armstrong made a colourful version of our logo that is in use today, original logo by Tsegmed Zorigt.

Thanks to Hennie and Jade and the many others horse lovers who trained our horses. And a million thanks to all those passing, leaving a piece of their soul at our place and a stone design at our restaurant walls. We would be happy meeting you all again one day.

In return volunteers experienced wild and free Mongolia surrounded by a group of fellow travellers in search of answers to the questions of life, that were highly discussed by evening campfires under a billions of stars, sharing a glass of spirit.

And last but not least a big thanks- Ikh Bayarllaa -to the Mongolian workforce who through all kinds of weather, including harsh winter conditions, continued the work outside and inside. Don’t let anyone tell you you cannot make cement when it is -20 degrees, when you can just make some fires next to it, burning day and night if necessary!