River Valley

Built on the river’s high sandbanks, Harganat River Lodge offers a spectacular bird’s eye view over the Delger Murun River Valley and the Alagiin Tohoi valley on the opposite site.

Holy Mountains

In the evening the sunset brings a warm red glow over these beautiful granite mountains with special rock formations.


Our restaurant is built next to a 4000 year old bronze age grave called kirigsuur.

Towards the Holy mountains on the north side of Harganat River Lodge the grounds are scattered with these archeological remains of the bronze age.

Deer Stones

These granite monolithes show reindeer flying upward to the sky, bringing the souls of people to the heavens. After 4000 years through all weather conditions their symbols and bright colours still tell a tale about the rich culture of the steppe’s bronze age nomads.

Ruin of Munkh khan's palace

Munkh Khaan is the fourth Great Khaan after Chinggis khaan. Missionary and explorer Willem van Rubroeck visited this palace in 1255 then he moved on to Khar Horum.

Chingunjav's memorial place

Chingunjav was the leader of the Hotgoid tribe and organised a big rebellion against the Manchu Qing dynasty that ruled China and Mongolia from 1644 to 1911. At the end he was defeated, tortured with burning coins on his body and executed with his whole family in Beijing.

Some Mongolians managed to secretly return his thumb to be burried on the mountain and in secret build a monument to remember and worship this great Mongolian hero. While the area was higly supervised by the Manchu after the riots, his followers were able to bring the stones for the shrine one by one on horseback.