Flow of zen

Walk out of your ger into the undisturbed wildness of the high mountains, follow the flow of the winding river, lie on the grass, gaze at the eternal blue sky above you and connect to your inner self.

How to arrive

Harganat River Lodge is situated only half an hour drive or 20 km west of Murun in the direction of Burentogtoh.

The airline Hunnu Air connects Murun, the provincial center of Hovsgol in North Mongolia, with daily one and a half hour flights to Ulaanbaatar. From the capital by bus or car takes about 10 hours driving.

We provide a shuttle to pick up people who arrive in Murun by bus or flight.


Half an hour from the provincial center of the northern province of Hovsgol, lies an oasis of tranquility. Situated between a majestic mountain range in the north overlooking water streams in the south, wild nature is abundant.

As part of Bronze Age archeological site, in the form of a kirigsuur next to our restaurant, the mysteries surrounding it, reflect on Harganat River Lodge and its descendants, the neighbouring nomads, who follow ancient traditions created over time and space.

Land before time

This country feels like going back into a time without paved roads. Only recently they made asphalt motorways connecting the major cities of the country with the capital. With a population of around 3 million people, half living in the capital Ulaanbaatar, it feels like one of the last free places on Earth in our world. Millions of animals are being herded by the nomads, far exceeding the number of inhabitants.

Lodge Map

Here comes Harganat River Lodge Map