Built on the river’s high sandbanks, Harganat River Lodge offers a spectacular bird’s eye view over the Delger Murun River Valley and the Alagiin Tohoi valley on the opposite site.

Thousands of sheep and goats, hundreds of horses and cows pass to drink from the pure water sources that come up from deep below the earth. Local herdsmen bring their animals to graze on the rich pastures. In autumn camels arrive from the steppes to spend winter in the river’s forest where they find abundant food available.

Migratory birds from across Siberia as well as sedentary, like Ruddy shell duck, swans, herons and cranes can be viewed from the lodge. Almost daily the white tailed eagle sits on the remains of what locals call the Shaman Tree. When sitting in the restaurant you can look down to the tree and watch these magnificent birds resting while overlooking the soft green meadows carpeted with Alpine flowers like Edelweiss.