Daily yoga and mediation

Yoga : Morning and evening classes available of Hatha Yoga. These yoga classes are for all levels, also beginners. Focus is on stretching, creating physical and mental harmony and balance. The courses include yoga postures for relaxation, better circulation, tonifying of muscles and organs.

Meditation: The meditation sessions are either at sunrise or sunset (or both), depending on the energies of the day. These sessions are open to anyone who wishes to learn how to meditate, quieten the mind. During the meditations, we also honor planet earth and all its living beings. We cover different styles of meditation: breathing, sounds, mantras, gratitude exercise. Come and try out the sessions to learn new meditation techniques that you can use by yourself later on.

Qi Gong : A Chinese form of exercise finding its origin also in martial arts. In Chinese, "QI" means "energy" and "gong" means "work": Qi Gong is the work of energy through the body.

This practice is made up of exercises that, performed regularly and daily, restore spiritual, psychic, and physical balance. The practice of Qi Gong calls for a wide variety of movements which are generally linked very slowly, immobile postures, stretching, breathing exercises, visualization, and meditation with great focus. Sessions organized 2x times a week or on-demand.

Ayurvedic Massage: Indian hot oil massage with fluid movements. It will warm your muscles, harmonize the flow in your body. This massage is deeply relaxing and provides a long-lasting tonifying effect on the body. It also improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system This is a whole-body massage of 1h.

Personal development through horses

•On demand or for groups of max. 10 people

•Discover your authenticity

•Improve communication & leadership skills

•Teamwork and learning to be congruent

•Deep connection to self, intuition, senses, and to the horses

•Learn to engage in life the non-predatory way

•Horses reflect who we really are.

Business: 6-steps process towards success

•For business people

•6-day training (half days, can be combined with wellness or other activities)

•Step 1: From victim to superhero

•Step 2: the IKIGAI Path

•Step 3: Stick to the plan

•Step 4: Dare to be a turtle

•Step 5: the strategy of the successful

•Step 6: Keep the balance