Heartland towards the Blue Pearl (10 days)

First timers in Mongolia can choose an itinerary combining the highlights in the center to the blue pearl lake Hovsgol in the north.

In Hustai National Parc, Southwest of Ulaanbaatar the Mongol Takhi or Przewalski horse, the ancestor of the modern horse, has been put back into its place of origin after being almost extinct, thanks to an intense breeding program of zoos around the world.

Situated in the center we visit the old capital Kharkhorin and the Erdene Zuu monastery, the Orkhon Waterfall and the Tovhon monastery, which lies atop of a forested hill reachable only by horse. Tsenger hot springs lies in a lush green valley full of wildfowers and in the warm sources you can bathe.

Moving northwards towards the province of Hovsgol, swimming is possible in the White Lake of Tsagaan Nuur and climbing the Horgo Volcano shows a deep crater on a mountain dotted with black lava stones.

The trip ends at the Hovsgol Lake National Parc where one can ride horses around the lake or do mountain hikes in the pristine alpine forests. In summer it is a must to take a dive into the refreshing chrystal clear water. Souvenirs made from special stones, rendeer bone and wool, are sold by its shore.

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