Eventing the year

Every year two spectacular horse shows take place around Harganat River Lodge, one on the lush green steppes in the heat of summer and the second in a white winter wonderland, showing the mastership of Mongolian riders.

The biggest winter event in the North of Mongolia takes place at the end of the season in March on the frozen Hovsgol lake. The ice festival is a must see with ice sculpting, horses pulling sledges and other activities, with locals and visitors dressed up in fancy furry winter deels.

A feast for the eye are the Naadam festivals organised throughout summer everywhere in the countryside, in Murun city around the 11th of July. The wrestling, bow shooting and horse race competitions attract huge crowds dressed to impress in colourful summer deels.

The Mongolian New Year marks the start of Spring with families visiting each other in the traditional way and eating a lot of Booz or meat dumplings.

Fall’s beautiful yellowing of the leaves, calls for an Autumn colour festival, with guests painting stunning scenery.

Horseman spirit

In Summer, every 25 th of July, a local horseman skills competition takes place around our lodge. Fifty horsemen compete at lasso and uurga stick throwing to catch a running horse, riding wild horses without saddle or bridle, as well as mounted archery.


Summer 2020

Saturday, Jul 25
Horsemanship skill competition among local boys

Autumn 2020

Wednesday, Aug 26
''Steppe marathon'' international 42 km marathon

Autumn 2020

Saturday, Sep 5
New foal branding ceremony