Deer Stones bronze age archeological site

Ten kilometers east from our lodge we visit the famous Uushigiin Uvur Deer stone site and talk about their significance, on the way passing the bronze age graves or kirigsuurs around the Holy Mountains.

Munch Khaan Memorial with a short history of the Mongol Empire

Fifteen kilometers west we visit the Munch Khaan memorial that is situated in beautiful grasslands next to the river. He was the grandson of Chinggis Khaan, ruling the Mongol Empire at its biggest size. After the visit, we drive to the north for 45 min and come to Chinginjav's memorial place.Chingunjav was the leader of the Hotgoid tribe and organized a big rebellion against the Manchu Qing dynasty that ruled China and Mongolia from 1644 to 1911.
In both tours, while driving, we get the feeling of being a horseman trying to find our horse groups roaming the vast steppes and enjoy some spectacular mountain formations.

Daytrip to the Hovsgol Lake

Hovsgol Lake National Parc lies 104 km north of Murun by car an hour and a half drive. From our lodge there is a short cut through the steppes passing the healing source Xiatag rashaan on the way.